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welcome back blog !

My blog desappeared for a while,  a change of domain owner or something like that  and I really thought my years of writing had just gone lost forever, but I managed to talk to the new owner and get my blog back which feels very good!

Some stuff happenned, we have less people in our group. We are of course not giving up JKD but  we have chosen to focus on ourselves , some of our guys are travelling or working abroad , this is life but we still are in contact and anytime they are in town we try to meet.

This saturday is a JKD reunion training at our favorite place: the skislope Vaxjöbacken,  we are very pleased!


I have difficulties accessing my blog these days but I still get some suspicious  comments on some of my posts, apparently I missed to close comments on some of them, too bad I have to close comments because of some people find it funny to send me some trash over the internet but that´s the way it is, you can´t please everyone and I don´t intend to.

Anyway  the new program I have at the gym is working really good I am happy about the fact that I can increase the weights  so I am good even if I have a lot of work ahead of me, in other words my shoulder is much better !

We are still planning to fly to San francisco this year  to meet our friends Jeff and Julie and Allen and Annie, again this year the best week will be Thanksgiving week , for some reason this is the cheapest week of the year from Sweden.  This also means that we´ll be in SF for Bruce´s 74th birthday in the town where he was born 🙂


We have talked about leaving Facebook, I am not in favour because there are some people I don´t want to loose contact with.  I dont want either people to forget about TWJKD Sweden, I have worked hard to make us known, I won´t let some stupidity ruin our work. It is also our duty to keep ourselves alive, Ted Wong authorized our group and only our group in Sweden,  this means a great deal to me and Mikael. Being on Facebook or not won´t change this of course but the contact we have with some people was made possible by FB so this is important.

As everyone does,  we post pictures and videos, people are  allowed to criticize and comment and  they are more than welcome because this is the point if we post them!  But I won´t allow disrespect, some people will be blocked or even deleted.

There is nothing more to say about this, now let´s go on with our lives and training with a positive attitude 🙂


I have not been able to log in for a while,some people have nothing better to do than trying to hack blogs!  I thought I had closed all comments but apparently not, still I get spam comments and quite a lot these last days. It is really annoying to have a blog and be forced to close comments because of this,  even if I get some funny bunnies comments sometimes …

Anyway , I am up and running again and I thought I would write about what I have done lately. The gym is in focus right now ! Because of my last injury I have lost muscles and I need to build this back asap. Now the best JKD season has started and by that I mean the fact that we can train outside again! I am so thankful for our club that gave us the opportunity to train inside during this never ending winter. Now fresh air is on the menu,this  the best time of the year in Sweden if you ask me.

By the way,  today is the day I moved to Sweden…  12 years ago!

New category

As we decided to shut the website down my blog will be used as website/ news site as well.

This is under this category that we will add news and contact information regarding events and so on.


My blog is 2 years old today, 215 posts.

I have always written about everything since I was very young. I almost have a book of my life, now I also have a blog.

This is something that I do and enjoy doing. Not sure a lot of people are reading or even are interested but I mostly do it for myself . Writing about some events is for me a way to remember. In this case the purpose is to see the progress, the evolution, to remember things that happen and feelings that I have at that moment and have something written about the way that I train. JKD is such a part of me, I see nothing else I would want to write about.

I rarely go back and read what I have written at all,  but  sometimes I do and I often smile. I like to think that events are not just happenning , I write them down so I don´t  forget anything.

Some events like the trip to San Francisco in 2010,  celebrating Bruce Lee´s birthday and  meeting his family and friends. The second trip in 2011, spending time with Allen Joe and his wife Annie, Jeff and Julie Chinn taking us around town visiting Bruce Lee sites,  these were  days that I described in details, some of the best days of my life.

There are of course a lot of events prior to the Blog that mean a lot, these are described somewhere else because of the personal aspect but there is definetely one day to  mention, the day that changed my life is the day I met Mikael. I believe none of what I have experienced after that would have happenned if I had not met him. Of course I forced a couple of things on him, like facebook. I believe it helped us getting in contact and  meeting great people along the way and we have learned from the good and from the bad that came out of it. Where we are now is the result of our hard work as a team.

It has not always been easy, I have my opinions and I speak them. I have not always written about everything because when I have an issue with someone I take the matter directly. I don´t want my blog to be  political or controversial, some people have tried to use it that way through comments but I decide which comment I publish and these are going straight to the trash.

I am happy to have lasted so long and I look forward to write about more special days and experiences.

Thank you for reading and thanks to some of our JKD friends in the USA who have linked my blog to their website.


Our website is now up and running, as you can see we have asked some of our friends to participate with texts.

Make sure  you check the links, the website of most of our friends are listed there.

It feels good to finally have a website in english, previous one was in swedish so it was not really international friendly 🙂

We changed the layout completly and Mikael designed the entire thing.

We will add more information and updates as they come.

This is a new step for us, it feels very good.

Website and so on …

Jeet Kune Do Sweden website is almost ready, a few details remain to be fixed but we will soon be able to launch.

It is entirely designed by Mikael, I just helped with some details and texts.

I am happy we finally got this done…

The next step is the new place, we are already planning on some gear that we need, and as soon as we get access,  it will be easier for us to arrange the place just as we want it.

I really look forward to this, having a club will be a real advantage for us, and an opportunity to increase the training frequency!

JKD SWEDEN how to …

After discussions we decided to close the FB group page and use my blog as source of information instead.

I have several categories on the right , under JKD stockholm we will only have Group related topics, you can see what other categories are about.

If you want to see the latest post you can do so in the blog front page  by Clicking on the dates in the calendar.

To go back to the front page click on the title JEET KUNE DO STOCKHOLM or on the page  link appearing on the right of the posts “junfanjkd”.

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂