Month: May 2012

Boris, Michel, André

I will call this a Summer break, 3 guys are leaving / taking a break from our group at the same time

Boris Kiprich

Boris started training with us last month, unfortunately he injured his shoulder and needs surgery. He  is a really dedicated student and we all agreed on his fantastic spirit and potential. We are so sad he won´t be able to train for a while but we have a spot for him and we are waiting for his return!  

Michel Curpurdija

Michel is one of us ” old”  students, he will be moving to San Francisco for work for a few months but he will be back in September / october .

André Faraó

André is leaving tomorrow for Brazil his home country . André is going back to his children, he says he will be there at least one year and will be back later.

The summer will definetly be different but we know our guys will  come back at some point. Good luck to you all and see you later !


Doctor says:  “it is time to try training as usual and we´ll see how the shoulder reacts”. good!!!! at the session tonight I will finally use my right arm for real and not like a sissy as I have done for the past 3 months ! ;:-)

Of course there is no reason for me to overdo it and explode everything in there either  …

Training tonight at 19.00 with  Mikael André Remy and Will  , see you later…

Mikael´s first Seminar: Training and friendship !

As I said before this was a date to remember and a great opportunity as well. Mikael was very pleased , Håkon´s group is composed of very dedicated guys , he says it was very nice to be there and meet them all, he had a great time and looks forward to next time.

The  title ” training and friendship” is important to us, this is our moto for our seminars, but it is not just a title it has a purpose and this was brought to a whole new level this weekend. I see it from the outside and it is no question that there is a true friendship between Håkon and Mikael just because it is simple and direct between them.

I asked Håkon what he thought about the seminar and here is was he wrote:

“The seminar was incredibly inspiring and fun, we learned a lot in a short time and all the guys said it was an incredibly good seminar, we are already looking forward to next time.
We learned many details, for example structure, kicking, hitting, straight lead, sparring, we went through the ground fighting, defense, attack to defense, Hit On Retreat, combinations, different focus pad drills, timing,  distance and much more
I tried to take Mikael down and it’s not so easy but you and those who have trained with him for so long know about that.


I laughed, and my children laughed too, it’s no wonder when you see how I’m being tossed around like a doll…. damn I had no chance!


And if you ask Mikael: do you know sidekick? See what he answers.. it is a funny joke now!
His sidekick was sick! It was so hard I flew off the ground and backwards and landed on my car, it is the truth, it is such a shame we did not filmed it! “

 So as I wrote on FB,  next time there will be a french girl in the picture!

Norway 26-27 MAY

Mikael is back from Norway and I have only heard good things about this seminar.

It is really good to know everything went well and I am looking forward to hear more.

 I will revert once I get more details.

On the way… to Norway

I drove Mikael to the airport this morning at 5.30, the flight went well he landed at 8 in Norway, he could not get on any train at the arrival but he found a buss and it will be another 3 hours to Håkon.

I feel very sad I could not go, I would have loved to see Mikael do his first Seminar. The thing is you can´t do it all, sometimes you have to choose and I chose to save money to go to San Fran in september.

I get messages from the buss, it is apparently very nice over there…

Norway Seminar May 26-27th, 2012

This will be a date to remember, this is Michael’s first Seminar, it will happen in Norway, our friend Håkon has arranged and organized the event.

I am very happy about this, I am sure the seminar will be a success, later on this year we will organize a Swedish Seminar.

I will revert with pictures and comments and I am sure Håkon will post on FB afterwards

Good luck Mikael !

The Slope!

Last Sunday we had such a fantastic weather we decided to go to the slope and have a BBQ after training.

Boris and I were first in place so we started running up and down.  By the time the other guys arrived Boris had already run twice. When the other ones started I went for my second time. That is the thing, this slope is a real pain! You have to have good stamina and real good legs otherwise it is impossible. Boris is running it up like it is nothing!!! I stopped a couple of times to catch my breath and have my legs recover. It felt good to be able to do it two times anyway,  I even run all the way down.

Some sparring after that and two injured people, André has probably a broken rib and Michel twisted his ankle.

After a while we decided it was time for reward, the BBQ was awesome, Mikael and I had portable ones from the company where I work ( Primus ) and Mikael even had another type of stove which he used to make a “ratatouille “, it was a pretty advanced BBQ style but it was so GOOD!!!!

We had an amazing time, as usual.

Yesterday in the afternoon I started to feel pretty tired , my legs felt strange, as the afternoon went it became worse and on the way home when I walked up the stairs that lead to my appartment,  I felt the pain ! OMG today is even worse can´t walk down stairs at all !

Yeah  this is how you realize that slope is doing the work ! We need to do that again 🙂

Kick A… !

When Boris and André arrived yesterday we got a request, as Boris has a shoulder injury ( yes him too ! ) he asked if we could adjust the training.

This is not too difficult since both Mikael and I are suffering from inflamed muscles.

We worked only on kicks and leg strength yesterday and I almost puked at some point.

That was an awesome training, it took a lot of energy and strength of mind to go through it.

Talking about injuries my shoulder and arm are back to worse, I knew I would pay for last Sunday.

This is actually really getting on my nerves, it´s been 3 months!

That´s what I´m talking about !!!!

now that was a day like I love them ! OUTDOOR training, first of this year = AWESOME!

and even better when everybody was there, the whole group together, it was such a great day.

When the guys arrived we thought it would be too tight and warm inside so we decided to get the cars and drive to the slope instead. The sun was shining it was a great opportunity.

We introduced the slope to our newest members and started runing it as a warm up.

after that we worked on pads up hill first hook kicks and front leads, both sides

A light sparring   : the pad holder is attacking and making it difficult for the other person to advance

then we started with sparring.

I sparred with Michel , we decided to take it easy because we both have the same shoulder injury but as usual the “easy” part is forgotten quite fast . I also  got a straight lead right in the nose again, this makes me say only one thing, FOOTWORK God damn it ! I ´ve  got to get better at this someday! Rotation to the right side still sucks … Well there is no better way than sparring to notice what you need to work on.

This session  felt good and everyone was happy,  as usual we train in a very good atmosphere.

We are a great team and a day like this is always one of the best. I look forward to next sunday.


It was Boris and I yesterday, statement of the night : “I had no idea training could be that tough in that so nice little room “. You bet Boris ! Mikael  don´t only look scary to some people, he is really tough when it comes to make us work our A.. off. But I have to say one thing, you haven´t seen anything yet ! 🙂  Yeah this can get worse … and I have a feeling we are going to have a taste of that on Sunday. if the weather is allowing it , this sunday will be the first outdoor training of the year and I don´t need to tell what´s going to be on the menu !

We worked on footwork, basics on pads : hook, hook kicks , basic reactions, stop kicks  and  interception.

Then we added some basic leg strength training, deep and low on guard position holding a medicine ball with straight arms.

and the famous invisible chair against a wall  ( there was some kind of unusual shaking going on in Boris´s legs… 🙂 )

Mikael said I was showing off too much during this exercise, so he thought he would finish us with something else.

On the kicking pad 45 sec punching full speed and power- 30 sec pushups- 45 sec punching- 30 sec situps- 45 sec punching – 30 sec pushups.

we finished with stretching .

I am happy to add I could punch and do some pushups , I did not do it too properly because I did not know how the arm and shoulder would react.Unfortunately today I  feel some  pain in my shoulder , it is not too bad but we´ll see what the physiotherapist says about that tomorrow.

I take the opportunity to welcome Boris Kiprich to the team, first impression is that he is very dedicated and serious about  training JKD.