It was Boris and I yesterday, statement of the night : “I had no idea training could be that tough in that so nice little room “. You bet Boris ! Mikael  don´t only look scary to some people, he is really tough when it comes to make us work our A.. off. But I have to say one thing, you haven´t seen anything yet ! 🙂  Yeah this can get worse … and I have a feeling we are going to have a taste of that on Sunday. if the weather is allowing it , this sunday will be the first outdoor training of the year and I don´t need to tell what´s going to be on the menu !

We worked on footwork, basics on pads : hook, hook kicks , basic reactions, stop kicks  and  interception.

Then we added some basic leg strength training, deep and low on guard position holding a medicine ball with straight arms.

and the famous invisible chair against a wall  ( there was some kind of unusual shaking going on in Boris´s legs… 🙂 )

Mikael said I was showing off too much during this exercise, so he thought he would finish us with something else.

On the kicking pad 45 sec punching full speed and power- 30 sec pushups- 45 sec punching- 30 sec situps- 45 sec punching – 30 sec pushups.

we finished with stretching .

I am happy to add I could punch and do some pushups , I did not do it too properly because I did not know how the arm and shoulder would react.Unfortunately today I  feel some  pain in my shoulder , it is not too bad but we´ll see what the physiotherapist says about that tomorrow.

I take the opportunity to welcome Boris Kiprich to the team, first impression is that he is very dedicated and serious about  training JKD.