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My own thoughts and story

San Francisco

This weekend, if you have the possibility ,  check this out .

Too bad we are not travelling to SF this year ūüė¶


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World of Bruce Lee Exhibit 2016, San Francisco

The “World of Bruce Lee” Exhibit 2016 ¬†will take place on Saturday, November 26th, 2016

location :

Fort Mason Center
94123 San Francisco

The World of Bruce Lee 2016 & The Green Hornet 50th Anniversary is a Photo Exhibition ( non profit event), organized by Randy Wong

For more info , here is the Article taken from the World of Bruce Lee Facebook page :

“On the crest of his meteoric rise to world fame, Bruce Lee died mysteriously on July 20, 1973, at the age of 32, having only completed 4 films, with his 5th and final film, “Game of Death” half-finished before his untimely passing. The “World of Bruce Lee” Exhibition represents the collection of Randy Wong, and is a photographic tribute to the legendary icon.

In 1978, Randy Wong joined Norman Borine in launching the “World of Bruce Lee” museum in Los Angeles, CA, in the hopes of creating a permanent memorial to the legendary martial artist and movie star, to preserve his memory and legacy for future generations.

Borine and Wong operated the original “World of Bruce Lee” museum from 1978-1980, garnering the support of Grace Lee, Bruce Lee’s mother, Linda Lee, Bruce’s widow, and several of Lee’s closest friends and core students, Dan Inosanto, Taky Kimura, Ted Wong and Herb Jackson. During this period, Borine and Wong collaborated with Grace Lee on her family’s pictorial biography entitled “Bruce Lee, The Untold Story” (1979).

Wong contributed to the making of the A&E biography “Bruce Lee, The Immortal Dragon” (1994), and with his business partner, J.R. Goodman, both were privileged to work with Van Williams and Wende Wagner of the classic 1966 TV series, “The Green Hornet”, in which Bruce Lee portrayed Kato, the Green Hornet’s lethal crime-fighting partner.

Randy Wong also had the honor of working with Ahna Capri and Jim Kelly, both of whom co-starred with Bruce Lee in his timeless martial arts masterpiece, “Enter the Dragon”.”

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What a trip ! we had such a great time! It waas filled with so many things.

We met with our friends  Jeff and Julie Chinn , Allen and Annie Joe and even had the pleasure to meet their daughter Donna.

Bruce Lee 75th birthday, Thanksgiving, boat trips, road tours and dolphins !

More info and pictures to come




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We are now very pleased to announce we are going to San Francisco this year

JKD Sweden once more in SF ūüôā

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JKD vs JKD concepts ?

I have never nor would I ever take part in the little war going on between us and concepts. In Martial arts what you learn from the begining is respect , I respect that other people have their own beliefs and train the way they do, this is why there are so many different styles. Now the fact that there are two different JKDs is the reason why people “fight” to claim they train the correct one and the other is wrong.

I will not extend too much on the subject ¬†because it is not “worth my time” ( and I quote Ted ¬†by saying that ). Why having some endless discussions and attitudes? ¬†Just do what you do , put your energy on being the best you can be and follow your own path.

Now I will have to add that the little war is not only crossing through the two styles , within styles are also some conflicts, this is a question of power, ego and stupidity and this is a shame. I have excluded myself from some groups, discussions and FB people because of that, the most important is my training, I have no time for childish discussions and ego trips and again:  put your energy in your training instead !

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Women vs Men ?

I just read an article in the paper regarding a 25 year old girl who was attacked and defended herself by using karate. Her message is “have your daughters learn martial arts” ! ¬†YES !!!! I have said it so many times to my friends and family.

Some would say a woman has no chance against a man, why not? Most of the cowards who attack a women don¬īt expect her to know how to defend herself and this is the advantage she has. Some men just think women are inferior and feel they can do anything they want, this has to stop, if more women learnt martial arts it would help in most cases and these guys would maybe think twice before they try anything.

This is the same with other types of  attacks, being a french I have diffiulties accepting insults or stupid attitudes, to give you an example some men hate that women drive faster than them or try to provide you from changing line by stepping on gas so you almost crash with another car, tell me how is that a normal behaviour? and why do they expect no reaction ?  This is the same thing,  because I am a woman I should accept and shut up ? Think again. In these situations that happen quite a lot, I am convinced that these men never do that if a man is driving the other car , so this is the same thing, I will defend myself just not physically in this case.

I don¬īt use to react because as I just wrote, ¬†it happens all the time, but yesterday I did because I am so tired of that superiotity some men think they have, if they never get a reaction they will never stop with the attitude, same as rapists and those who beat women or animals.

Now again, have your girls learn martial arts, it is not only good for the body and the mind, it will give them self estime and teach them respect and if some day they need to use it,  I garanty it will make a difference  and  will maybe even save their life!

My God daughter is visiting this summer, she already asked me to teach her JKD, I am so pleased!

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New Gym … NOT

As I just resigned from my current gym I read an article in the paper and just re- changed my mind !

Mikael and I ¬†had checked the new gym and apart from the fact I did not like the location and the fact you can see people training ¬†from the shopping mall, all equipment and the shape of the gym are outstanding compared to my current but ¬†I can¬īt believe that what I read can be an argument for more people to train there !

The article goes basically ¬†like this: It is so good that not only rich people train there,it is so nice to also mix with all gangsters from the hood ?????? you¬īve got to be kidding me ! ¬†I train more or less everyday and by myself at night, ¬†how I am supposed to feel safe especially when I need to go back to my car in a downstairs parking lot afterwards. Mikael is not at the gym everyday so I would not have a body guard and why on earth should I need one !?

I choose safety and freedom before price and a cleaner gym , so I¬īll stay where I am .

And by the way , a new JKD season is about to begin, I will take that in another post.

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