New Gym … NOT

As I just resigned from my current gym I read an article in the paper and just re- changed my mind !

Mikael and I  had checked the new gym and apart from the fact I did not like the location and the fact you can see people training  from the shopping mall, all equipment and the shape of the gym are outstanding compared to my current but  I can´t believe that what I read can be an argument for more people to train there !

The article goes basically  like this: It is so good that not only rich people train there,it is so nice to also mix with all gangsters from the hood ?????? you´ve got to be kidding me !  I train more or less everyday and by myself at night,  how I am supposed to feel safe especially when I need to go back to my car in a downstairs parking lot afterwards. Mikael is not at the gym everyday so I would not have a body guard and why on earth should I need one !?

I choose safety and freedom before price and a cleaner gym , so I´ll stay where I am .

And by the way , a new JKD season is about to begin, I will take that in another post.