Month: March 2013

the Return of our guys !

We were so pleased with the last session with Michel Coshe and Will.

Coshe was in Sweden for a short time but it was nice to see he is still in good shape and so is Michel. We do not lose our fighting spirit in that team, this is so good to see!

The session was filled with technique drills and sparring both light and with gear on, some people flew in walls (Michel!) but no broken bones or anything 😆

Mikael and I stayed a little longer after the session and talked about the feeling we had, it felt so good.

We have (and I repeat myself) such a great team, we miss them a lot! Now Coshe lives in LA, Remy is somewhere in the Chinese bush! And Michel is planning to travel back to SF for a couple of months.

Well if you ask me I ´d say let´s move to SF too!   But seriously we don´t see it as a negative aspect we take it as it is, and try to meet and train together as soon as we get a chance and anytime we do, we have a fantastic time.

The return of the light

It was a nice surprise to learn that our movie star Coshe is back home for a while, we will have a special training session on Saturday night and hope Michel will join too.

It was a long time since we met our original students and especially now that the spring is coming we are happy to be able to increase the training opportunities and take some of it outside.

The winter is still here which is not normal for the season , it has been one of the hardest winter for me since I live here in Sweden, I have had a very hard time with the lack of light, a lot for sickness one after the other and not a very good state of mind either.

I feel better now, and it is because of the light, it is difficult to imagine for people who are not used to live in darkness 6 months a year but the impact it has on the mind is uncontrollable.

Now I see the positive aspect of what is coming and I feel better, I need my training, it is always the same story nothing new here, I really don´t know what my life would be without JKD. For The mind and body, there is just a need, it is hard to explain it is a feeling and I think anyone practicing understands it.

So we are making plans for the spring training and  we also have plans for next winter, I can´t say I am too happy that our trip to San Francisco has to be in November. I think it is too far away, I long to go back there, to meet Allen and Annie and Jeff and Julie but there is no choice regarding which week it will be because the prices are doubled any other week of the year. Seeing the positive aspect, it is better than nothing ! So on Monday we will book it.