Month: April 2012

one on one

It was only me this sunday, which was kind of awesome regarding what I was in for!

Botttom line of this session was switch! switch side , switch step switch switch and switch to the point I switched even if I was not told to ! 🙂

I worked only on the heavy bag and on the kicking pad. I started the first exercise with my left side : hook kick and straight lead immediately after before the foot lands, it was not that good so i tried it on the right just to get the feeling then i switched to the left and it started to get better. Then I had to kick  left and right switching lead very fast in between, Mikael told me to stop because that was not good, he tried something else to have me get the switch feeling better and this is what we did on the pad, he increased the tempo gradually until I just switched on my own and before he said anything!

My favourite was on the bag , low front -low hook and  high hook kick, alternate and switching lead and  side. I felt good about this one, I managed to feel more stable more in control and stronger. I repeated lots of times. This is only after that mikael told me waht he thought and that was good to hear it also showed that I got this one Ok  .-)

One on one session are always very intense as there is no time to rest and hold pads for someone else, which is good because intensity like this makes the body and mind concentrate and work much harder.

I have always been told I should work on both sides and I did but not as much as the right. Now I have no choice but train the left  and all that  injury stuff makes me realize I should have done that all along. I start to feel I am more flexible in a way I can change lead more easily and use it, still not perfect but I am getting better at it and as I cannot use the right side, I feel good I am not totally worthless and still can train making the weak side stronger and usable.

BEAT IT !!!!

I have to beat this ! it is not a deadly desease, it is not a permanent disability it is a small injury but it is ruining my training ! It is amazing to think the great deal of dedication it takes to go on training when you are limited and cannot use the right side at all. I got really frustrated yesterday. I trained other things of course like kicks and footwork, and I used my left side for the rest but not being able to train as normal is a pain. I don´t want to loose all the work I have done for the past 7 years, I asked the physiotherapist yesterday what kind of exercises I can do so I don´t loose all my muscles and the answer was not what I wanted to hear,  I can do one or two things and this is definetely not what is going to  preserve my muscles.

what I do is try to see the positive side and not let this negativity come to me, I can tell you it is very hard. On the other side I should put this into perspective, my injury is not either the end of my life, people with disabilities can be world champions! but sure when you battle for 7 years to get somewhere because you are a girl and because when I was young I was a fat kid not doing anything at all, I feel I have accomplished something and I am not prepared to have this taken away from me.

Training JKD is a battle everyday, it is a battle for the body and for the mind, this world is not easy at all and especially for girls, I have heard someday that JKD was not for girls at all,   made me want it even more !

One positive aspect is to realize how JKD is important in my life, how it makes me be balanced and feel good about myself even when I have bad days, this  is showing me I will not give this up.

Now I also have to say I feel I need my instructor around even more right now, he gives me that kick in the A… so I look forward to his return to get back on track again..

Mikael met Warren Graham in Charlotte, I will make a separate post about that once I have more details.

Charlotte ?

It was only André and I last wednesday, as I still cannot use my right side I trained only the left . I feel it difficult to adjust but I think it is a good thing to train this weak side, I will definetely notice the advantages when I have fully recovered and can train as usual.

We did some killer drills, it was an intense session as always !

We worked on balance, in wide and low  on guard position  holding the medecine ball in front of us with straight arms, holding the position as long as possible.

Then switch from on guard to  low and wide position, fast movements and multiple repetitions

kicks : 50 hook kicks on each side , with speed and control

On pads: 50 of all punches first, 50 kicks and finish with 100  straight leads on the sand bags.

We rotaded on drills with mitts using both kicks and punches , with very short  breaks in between.

I worked on the heavy bag while André worked on the technique  with Mikael.

Then we worked on the strength of the legs trying to push Mikael with only one leg in side kick position..

Push ups, only 10 for me as the shoulder could not bear my weight , I was very disappointed because I could do 50 clean ones and after so much time not training them I know I will loose it all  and have to start from the beginning all over again… but that´s the way it is .

Situps holding the medecine ball  to finish the session, no problem with this one .

Even if this is very frustrating I try not to let that negativity affect me, I  find ways around my limitation, I know it is not permanent and even if it was I could not let this destroy my 7 years of work.

there won´t be any group training until sunday of next week because someone is travelling for one week to the sunshine of Charlotte, USA. I am not very happy about that !!!! 🙂

Well I will stay here in the coldest country in the world and train by myself then …


Ok then, I have a couple of exercises to do everyday for the shoulder and the arm. It will take some weeks to recover from this apparently and during the first times I am not supposed to train.

I will only use the left side in this case, I want my strong side to fully recover so I can go on with my regular training but there is no reason why I should not train the rest of my body.

I don´t feel too good about the situation but I have to see the positive aspect, there is no other way.

I am back

Ok I don´t know yet what I can do with an inflamed shoulder but I am sick of not being able to use my right arm, at the training session yesterday I used it anyway but I take it easy and try not to do more damages.

I have an appointment with a  physiotherapist today and I look forward to it.

Remy and Michel were present yesterday , we worked mainly on the legs I think Mikael adapted the training to my disability ! which was nice so I could participate. We did some killer leg drills , lots of kicks and stability exercises.

it actually got the best of Remy at some point who felt really sick for a while, the picture says it all, great session !

Old Friend

This weekend was good,  on saturday I decided I would go running  all the way to my old friend, The stairs. I thought I would just run there to see how it looks like but I actually had enough energy to run them up ! twice !! I stopped three time on the first go and only once on the second, which is kind of good considering it was the first time of the year. At the top I did some shadow boxing and footwork ,  it was very cold but it felt so good, the feeling of fresh air and freedom was incredible. I still have one challenge in my head , beat Michel´s time!

On the way back I heard a noise in the woods and stopped , it is after some time that I realized I was standing at 3 meters from a deer, he was just standing there looking at me, I felt really amazed and looked for my camera and by the time I had it all set to take a picture,  the deer was gone ! I remember thinking, why on earth don´t I enjoy the moment instead !!!! Something to think about for next time…


So the result is : inflamed shoulder and nothing wrong with the elbow. This is very interesting, I have pain in my elbow as soon as I do anything with my right arm and I don´t really feel the pain in my shoulder , it is more located in the neck and all the way down the back. I feel I don´t really know what I should do here, training hard as usual will be a bad idea says the doctor, for now there is no such damage that would require  surgery but it can easily be worse if I do something wrong.

The question is what is wrong ? I will start with rehabilitation next week and we will see what my options are. I certainly don´t want to destroy my chances for life, if I need to rest my arm in order to regain 100% of its fonction I will have to do it , even if it kills me to not be able to train straight leads and hooks !!!!!

If I look at the positive aspect,  I can say I will developp a hell of a good cross and will get used to train on my left side instead. That way when I am back on track, I will be able to use both sides equally and switch whenever I want to confuse the person sparring with me !

Seriously, I have been down and really upset about this but it is time to adapt to this new situation and make the best of it .