Charlotte ?

It was only André and I last wednesday, as I still cannot use my right side I trained only the left . I feel it difficult to adjust but I think it is a good thing to train this weak side, I will definetely notice the advantages when I have fully recovered and can train as usual.

We did some killer drills, it was an intense session as always !

We worked on balance, in wide and low  on guard position  holding the medecine ball in front of us with straight arms, holding the position as long as possible.

Then switch from on guard to  low and wide position, fast movements and multiple repetitions

kicks : 50 hook kicks on each side , with speed and control

On pads: 50 of all punches first, 50 kicks and finish with 100  straight leads on the sand bags.

We rotaded on drills with mitts using both kicks and punches , with very short  breaks in between.

I worked on the heavy bag while André worked on the technique  with Mikael.

Then we worked on the strength of the legs trying to push Mikael with only one leg in side kick position..

Push ups, only 10 for me as the shoulder could not bear my weight , I was very disappointed because I could do 50 clean ones and after so much time not training them I know I will loose it all  and have to start from the beginning all over again… but that´s the way it is .

Situps holding the medecine ball  to finish the session, no problem with this one .

Even if this is very frustrating I try not to let that negativity affect me, I  find ways around my limitation, I know it is not permanent and even if it was I could not let this destroy my 7 years of work.

there won´t be any group training until sunday of next week because someone is travelling for one week to the sunshine of Charlotte, USA. I am not very happy about that !!!! 🙂

Well I will stay here in the coldest country in the world and train by myself then …