JKD vs JKD concepts ?

I have never nor would I ever take part in the little war going on between us and concepts. In Martial arts what you learn from the begining is respect , I respect that other people have their own beliefs and train the way they do, this is why there are so many different styles. Now the fact that there are two different JKDs is the reason why people “fight” to claim they train the correct one and the other is wrong.

I will not extend too much on the subject  because it is not “worth my time” ( and I quote Ted  by saying that ). Why having some endless discussions and attitudes?  Just do what you do , put your energy on being the best you can be and follow your own path.

Now I will have to add that the little war is not only crossing through the two styles , within styles are also some conflicts, this is a question of power, ego and stupidity and this is a shame. I have excluded myself from some groups, discussions and FB people because of that, the most important is my training, I have no time for childish discussions and ego trips and again:  put your energy in your training instead !