We are under TED WONG

As it says on the first page of my blog and as anyone who knows anything about Bruce Lee would know, Ted Wong was one of the 2 most qualified people directly certified by Bruce Lee in the highest rank of Jeet Kune Do.Dan Inosanto is the other one and has followed his own path ( JKD concepts ) while Ted has chosen to keep close to Bruce´s teachings even though he has developped the techniques.

I want to make very clear that we have met Ted in several occasions (Mikael more than me of course) and we have received the authorization by him personnaly tro train and teach JKD in Sweden. After Stefan Nikander passed ( who was certified by Ted )  there is no one in Sweden who is authorized to teach JKD in Sweden under the name of Ted Wong,  let´s be clear about that.

Another point is that we are not training under anyone , our direct Sifu was Ted Wong and even after his passing we are still considering ourselves training under Ted and nobody else.

We share an outmost respect for our Sifu and even if he is not with us anymore physically,  he is all around .