That´s what I´m talking about !!!!

now that was a day like I love them ! OUTDOOR training, first of this year = AWESOME!

and even better when everybody was there, the whole group together, it was such a great day.

When the guys arrived we thought it would be too tight and warm inside so we decided to get the cars and drive to the slope instead. The sun was shining it was a great opportunity.

We introduced the slope to our newest members and started runing it as a warm up.

after that we worked on pads up hill first hook kicks and front leads, both sides

A light sparring   : the pad holder is attacking and making it difficult for the other person to advance

then we started with sparring.

I sparred with Michel , we decided to take it easy because we both have the same shoulder injury but as usual the “easy” part is forgotten quite fast . I also  got a straight lead right in the nose again, this makes me say only one thing, FOOTWORK God damn it ! I ´ve  got to get better at this someday! Rotation to the right side still sucks … Well there is no better way than sparring to notice what you need to work on.

This session  felt good and everyone was happy,  as usual we train in a very good atmosphere.

We are a great team and a day like this is always one of the best. I look forward to next sunday.