Boris, Michel, André

I will call this a Summer break, 3 guys are leaving / taking a break from our group at the same time

Boris Kiprich

Boris started training with us last month, unfortunately he injured his shoulder and needs surgery. He  is a really dedicated student and we all agreed on his fantastic spirit and potential. We are so sad he won´t be able to train for a while but we have a spot for him and we are waiting for his return!  

Michel Curpurdija

Michel is one of us ” old”  students, he will be moving to San Francisco for work for a few months but he will be back in September / october .

André Faraó

André is leaving tomorrow for Brazil his home country . André is going back to his children, he says he will be there at least one year and will be back later.

The summer will definetly be different but we know our guys will  come back at some point. Good luck to you all and see you later !