I have difficulties accessing my blog these days but I still get some suspicious  comments on some of my posts, apparently I missed to close comments on some of them, too bad I have to close comments because of some people find it funny to send me some trash over the internet but that´s the way it is, you can´t please everyone and I don´t intend to.

Anyway  the new program I have at the gym is working really good I am happy about the fact that I can increase the weights  so I am good even if I have a lot of work ahead of me, in other words my shoulder is much better !

We are still planning to fly to San francisco this year  to meet our friends Jeff and Julie and Allen and Annie, again this year the best week will be Thanksgiving week , for some reason this is the cheapest week of the year from Sweden.  This also means that we´ll be in SF for Bruce´s 74th birthday in the town where he was born 🙂