Well I haven´t written for quite some time because I could not access my blog, this happens a lot and as I said before, there is no help to get from my blog provider. I have considered deleting it instead and start a new one but I have worked a lot on this and written many things over the years, I don´t want all this to desappear.

Yesterday at the gym I tried to lift more weights and I was thinking how it has taken one year for my shoulder to get better, this is ridiculous! The focus now is to get stronger and get myself some serious muscle mass. I know this will help me prevent injuries like this in the future. This is actually the main problem and the reason why I am injured all the time. I am not strong enough even if I am  tough, no strength means you have no business in Martial Arts. This is a set back for me, I had come a long way but I could never reach the next level and  this is why.

I can say I have worked a lot during the past months and I can see some difference. I am also getting educated on how to workout properly and I am constantly trying to get good  informations from different sources. Not only is it good to know what you are doing, it is also very interesting to learn how the body works.

A lot of women think they will transform into a man by lifting weights, well I will not give a course on that , there is a huge amount of information everywhere. Being strong and having a descent muscle mass is good for various reasons.

For information the person I am getting most of my information from is the Swedish Fitness Athlete Pauline Nordin.