Autumn Training !

Yes this is probably the most beautiful season for outside training.

We went down to the lake and started with light sparring

The pier is only a section attached by a chain on a rock which means it is really unstable and there is water all around.

The exercise is having you very aware of the surroundings and forces you to adapt to the distance and judge the correct amount of movement in order not to take a dive!

The fact that the pier is moving and feels more like a floating wood plank,  makes you understand that a good balance is crucial!

The interesting thing here is that while sparring I hardly noticed the pier moving …

We moved up hill to the graffiti place and worked on focus mitts a while:

Straight lead

Cross and hook

Straight lead- cross- hook – cross- hook- bob and weave- jab

Then we added some kicks :

Mainly hook kick  and side kick

While the guys went to the other side of the hill I decided to run it up and met them down on the other side.

This one surprised me; I ran faster than ever and felt stronger on my legs. My own weekly training is going in the right direction.

On the other side,  we worked on pads I wanted to add more time on my kicks:

Low regular and high hook kicks

Side kicks

Micke told me the technique looks good and I am stronger and more precise.

This is good,  it felt like it.

We discussed later on about my evolution and especially the mental part where I am not afraid anymore and just do it.

I have evolved mentally not only during training but also in life and I am happy about it. I feel I am more in control of my life and more balanced than ever.

JKD is more than something I do or a passion it is part of my life, something I would not live without.