Well let´s talk about being a little tougher now

Half an hour before Micke arrived at my place I started to warm up with rope and stretch- kicks, some footwork and stretching.

Today was going to be circle training.

– Rope ( again ) , 4 minutes

– Heavy bag:

 Only kicks all in, keeping the technique speed and power.  Those felt quite good today,  I actually noticed my guard was up ! good ..

– On the floor: 

Micke sitting on me with focus mitts, punch first with the back on the floor, straight leads then elbows, then lift the back to be able to use the body during punches . This is adding more power and working the abs!

– Back to the rope,  3 minutes

– Heavy bag :

Only punches, keep your position and technique !  “This looks like crap”  ! says Micke , Yeah I know,  it feels like it too …I can´t explain why , too tired already ???

– Back on the floor:

Face down Micke lying on me, “take yourself up !!!!  use your legs” .  I manage actually quite good there .

– Rope , 2 minutes

– Footwork:

Use it to avoid Mickes kicks :  … hm  .. not too good . I need to get some speed !

– Being stuck in a small area:

I am placed in a corner of the room and Micke even closes the door for me not to back up . I have to use the footwork sideways to get out of there, no punching or kicking , just move your feet. This is definetely something I need to work on..

– Some drills to test the legs resistance:

Micke is holding my foot and adding some resistance, I will do 10 hook kicks and 10 side . I have to say I did not find this too difficult I managed well with this one.

– In the horse stance position:

Try to stay as long as possible…repeat several times.  Now I am getting tired,  it shows here..

–  Then I will do some static stretch position:  this one is actually  quite Ok .

– Finish on the floor:

Micke is lying on me, “do whatever it takes to take yourself out!”  hmmm Micke keeps repeating : “Punch harder I don´t feel anything” ! I feel I do not have enough power and  I can´t breathe,  Micke is so heavy but at the same time he asks several times : “do you give up” ?  and Hell NO !  I can be very stuburn ( it is also my character in life ) I can´t just quit!  so we go on for a while and I manage to get some punching in the head and rolling to the side  reaching all possible targets but I still can´t get out so we stopped eventually.

I was thinking,  this is really annoying because of the weight difference I am stuck down, but the thing is , first don´t get down and if you end up there anyway , be quick and precise then RUN  …

I feel the training is getting more intense, I know that Micke has great expectations and I am so thankful because I know this is how I will be better, he never treated me like a girl before but now it is quite obvious that he is considering I can take more and this is good news 🙂