Let´s Spar

Earlier this week I asked Micke to be a bit tougher during sparring this sunday. Well, I asked for it…

Yesterday we  sparred in my training room, before he arrived he sent me a text message : Clear the room ! Sparring time!

I had a feeling about what he had planned when he told me to also take down all the Bruce Lee paintings from the walls…

A while ago when training outside with the guys, we had tried a close combat where one person is against a wall, attacked in all ways possible and the only thing to do is try to get out ! This day  I almost managed  when I found my whole self  bumped into the wall several times.( The adrenaline is so high I did not feel a thing.)

Anyway the sparring session yesterday was  with helmet gloves and mouth guard. Thank God! I got several straight leads and those famous kicks in the head,  as usual!

We filmed some parts because I wanted to see how I look like in the fights,  so I can see what I need to work on and things I need to practise more.

Again I was thrown against a wall ( AH you think  I didn´t see this one coming ? ) , the thing is it should not be so easy and already because of the difference of size ( and weight) I have a disadvantage, I need to get my mobility and distance  more in control.

But  I felt I was doing pretty good not backing up and not giving up. I threw some punches and kicks at the right place and  time, others not so good but one good point for me is that I have NO fear. ( I have to admit Micke freaked me out before and he still  does sometimes 🙂 ) Anyway , I felt  the technique was better  and I also felt I was more stable on my feet.

When I posted the video on facebook I  got some great feedback . The fact that I train with a big guy like Micke is a real advantage, I got it tough and it is because it is tough that I succeed and make some progress. 


Next post on my blog will be my number 100!  I need to come up with something special to celebrate, stay tuned 🙂