Post 100


I changed this post because there is enough people wanting to promote themselves and I don´t want to be seen as one of them. The nice quotes and feedback I got from my facebook friends are there anyway.

I decided to go a bit deeper in my feelings towards JKD and reveal a bit more about my own story.

I train JKD for all kinds of personal reasons. I  had a real difficult childhood, some events scarred me for life and because of that,  for years I had a lot of behaviour problems, feeling I was not good enough and only meant to be a failure,  at the same time I was able to go to college and I have a high level of education but this is because I wanted to give myself the chance to get out of there.
I have been a fan of Bruce  for many years and dreamt about training JKD but there is no Ted Wong JKD in France, Then I moved to Sweden.
When I started JKD it was first because I was looking for a self defense class but I found TWJKD Stockholm on the internet and at that point,  everything changed.
I trained there for one year but Stefan was sick and just before my first Seminar with Ted in 2005, he talked about Micke and I contacted him immediately.

I started again from scratch and Micke ” broke ” me mentally. I had a hard time at the beginning because I had not the correct mentality. Year after year I learned and evolved and noticed the changes that affected me and my approach in life.
JKD transformed me as a person, I gained confidence, control and peace.  The more I evolved in the style the more I gained control of my life. It is hard to explain but the bottom line is, thanks to JKD (and to Micke who gave me the opportunity to train), I am now more balanced than I ever was in my life and no matter what may happen now,  I will never give it up because JKD is a part of me.
My plan is to become a really good JKD fighter, I don´t need a certificate, I don´t need recognition, I need to feel it for myself and when that happens, I will know I did something good with my life, something that is good for me.