Goodbye Warehouse…

That was our last training in the warehouse for us. André , Adam, David and Gina were present this Sunday.

We actually had a quite calm session , Mikael thought he would go easy on us which is good in a way ….or not ! I know for sure he is preparing a tougher training for next year, not only will we get more group sessions but the intensity will be increased.

Anyway , yesterday we worked on mitts most of the time, we did basic punch  and kicks drills.

After a short sparring session  we did some pushups situps and jumps. Without revealing any names, I saw some ugly girly pushups out there !!!  🙂

Next Sunday won´t be any training as we get the keys,  we will spend the day moving in and fixing the place the way Mikael and I want it, I really look forward to that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year !!!