Rainy day, in and out !

This sunday we were short of training partners ( ! ) I trained alone with Micke at my place.

First on mitts:

. Front Hand lead, I spent some time on this one , it needs work everyday

. Shovel hook

. hook trying to hit the mitt when the partner is moving

 Micke wanted to do it as well but after two times did he not only hit the pad but the pad hit my face too  🙂 well joke appart , the problem here is that I am too slow

. jab – step back

quite tricky , the timing is crutial , I have to work on that ( too .. )


. drop step , AH ! yes I have some troubles with this one, I did it again and again and again , the thing is trying to feel it right , as everything else, it comes with practise, no secret .

Heavy bag :

.Hook and Side Kicks, both sides , I am quite happy with the progress of those, only one detail , the position of the leg for side kick need to be adjusted: lift and kick.

.Spinning back kick

.Spinning wheel kick

.Horse kick

I will not comment on those 3 , I choose to work on them and talk later….

Conclusion of the day:

Better technique overall,

Explosivity need some serious work.