Training with Stefan

This Sunday the whole group went down to Nynäshamn for a training session with Stefan at his school.

It was a very intense session and the heavy air in the room made it even harder, AC Stefan 🙂

We started with drills on pads

Simple Direct Attack, Progressive indirect Attack , 1/2 beat , Attack by combination… ( We left out attack by drawing and hand immobilization.)

After that we practised combinations on pads:

Kicks -Punches- Elbows – Knees – push the pad holder and kick when he backs up

Then  same thing on Stefan / Red Man

Michel and Remy hit hard and don´t back up , I have to work on speed, first kick and punch should be one, when I got that right it will be good.

Stefan says it is easier when you have a great footwork like Micke, yeah  Well ! we all wish we had ! 🙂

Then Some brief kicking and punching on pads when attached to a belt with rubberband attached to a wall, I liked this one !

Then it is sparring time. Stefan wants us to focus on attacking with all we got and using most combination possible. NO STOPPING AFTER ONE – TWO !!! Go on until the opponent is down .

Micke starts with Michel and very fast I see he´s increasing the level a bit, harder kicks and punches made Michel end up  down against the wall , were he got ” finished ”  🙂

Remy and Markus , it went fast over to the ground and I wish the trainers had stopped the fight to force them up ! Markus is more comfortable on the ground, he told me he does not have the opportunity to practise real sparring , if I can make a comment here, you should force yourself to stand on your feet to practise sparring, grappling is no JKD.

I sparred with Michel .

I have to say it is  very easy to loose all form and go for it like this made me be more agressive and less clean in the style. It felt like I was punching for my life,  this is how the real fight would probably happen in real situation, But I must admit I was not happy with the feeling I had.

I was not able  to keep it clean. I don´t know how the film will turn out but I did not feel it right and I should be able to not loose it all in this situation , keep control and know what I am doing.

But as Stefan says this is part of learning process, you do wrong once, so what? you do wrong twice , so what ? Go on until you get it right,  use this as an experience and go on .

I have some more learning to do, Micke gave me 3 years , I agree,  it will take me at least 3 years to get those things right.

Motivation and detrmination are at the highest right now