Wild training in the wild

Although we are deadly serious with our training sessions, we also have some fun trying new things

Yesterday we started with running up the Hill.

Then Sparring with no gear and open hand with opponent pressing against a wall.

We then decided to train  balance on a big tube lying on the ground ( see our videos on you tube ! )  those you could hold on it long enough did some light sparring ..

Up the Hill again and  sparring:  the opponent who has the highest position is having the advantage pushing down ,  trying to provide the other to go up .

Some “pushing” the partner up the hill while the other one is resisting using  his body weight to push down . ( good leg and back exercise ! )

Michel and Remy carrying each other down another slope in on guard position and doing some step and slide.

We ended with hardening: punches and kicks in the stomach first, then kicks on the inside and outside of the legs and we (especially Michel 🙂 ) were done with it for the day .

then Remy wanted to try to crawl through the tube as quickly as possible , as he started the other two guys thought it would be funny to roll the tube while he was in it, YES ! funny it was ! as Remy not only rolled over in the inside he also was attacked by big spiders !

He must have woken them up and quite a lot of them were running all over the place…  Lucky me who  did not try that , we would have added a heart attack to this session !!!