August 1st , Great day !

We started with running up the stairs,  Remy first , then me and Michel who stopped at the middle ?!… Well,  that was just the beginning…

We decided to do some cage ( fighting in a limited space ) sparring this sunday, with regular clothes on ,  for reality fighting. We also filmed the fights. (I have posted the videos on our Group page on facebook .)

First exercise : One  person is trying to keep the TWJKD on guard position, The other person uses any way of attack he wants, this is really good and intense way of practice, it forces you to adapt because you don´t know what´s coming and how .
First Remy and Michel and then Michel against me.

I noticed it before with this kind of stressful situation where you have nowhere to go, I get some kind of strength and I give it all, this is pretty interesting how I also feel no pain at all during the fight ( comes after ) and just go for it, the adrenaline level in my body must be fenomenal !!! I have been training for 5 years with Micke,  first today I feel I have made some progress and I can see and feel it, I also can tell what I do wrong and it gives me the opportunity to target the work I have to do from there.

Exercise no 2 : Intercepting .

Michel and Remy had some great fights together and after the Intercepting session where one is attacking and the other tries to apply the JKD technique , it ended with Remy lying on the ground for several minutes after being hit by Michel´s knee to the groin 🙂

We finished in the stairs, Michel and Remy carrying each other and me doing the wheelbarrow ( go upp the stairs on my hands )  upwards.

Very intense session indeed ! but real good and the fact that we are filming gives us such a good opportunity to study our good and bad sides so we can work on it !

Later that day I retrieved some old films from the time with Coshe, I lent the tapes to  Micke and he told me we will do some of those exercices next sunday …

One word ( or three ) : Get ready guys !