Looking back

When I started my private training with Micke,  we almost only trained on pads because I had to build the technique first. When the guys started with us, we added some serious sparring sessions together as a group but I always have private training where I  most of the time, want  to focus on the technique on pads because I still need some serious work and those sessions a precious to me. This is where my technique is corrected and it gives me some advice for my own training at home afterwards, I can then try to apply this during the next training session with the guys.  

 I remember in the begining it was difficult for me , I had not the same level as the guys and I felt a bit outside the group. I got better on pads but useless in sparring because I did not sparr enough . When they all left for military duty I got the opportunity to close the gap a bit, the goal was to try to reach their level in their absence. I trained more with Micke and focused on my technique / own training and applied on sparring sessions more often.  I got better because of this and when the guys came back, the sparring sessions became more intense and I have  to say it is thanks to sparring in real conditions with those guys who never treated me like a girl that I am where I am today. I am so thankful for this team.