TRX Suspension Trainer

We went to the gym tonight , I warmed up on the crosstrainer ,

then we headed to the weight lifting area when I noticed something new , something I had seen in one of Amy´s videos, the TRX Suspension Trainer! Ah I went straight to it and tried,  I just love it and I am gonna get one!

We worked most on shoulders and biceps tonight, then we  went over to the situps area,  there is a situp “machine” that just kills the stomach after just 7 repetitions! I can´t do a lot of those but it is just a question to push it a little bit more every time.

Then  I asked Micke to help me with stretching, it is getting better but there is a tremendous amount of work on this one and that is not new…

Then I had to try the TRX Suspension Trainer again before we left  🙂

Tonight´s training was painful but this is the way it should be , so you feel it working !