Old feelings

First of all I want to welcome Will to our training sessions, I met him for the first time today, I think he is very serious and dedicated and we hope he will come to more sessions from now on.

Remy and Nicklas were there too today, we had a very intense session full of heavy activities. Micke is very good when it comes to make the sessions great and not like a routine, always bringing new things and exercises at different levels of difficulty.

I was talking to Nicklas today, he says he feels like he lost everything because he hasn´t trained for a month, Nicklas has been sick and I told him he had to give it some time because it is normal to feel like this at the beginning.  I had the same attitude myself expecting  too much but the training process is long , nobody becomes good overnight.

I myself don´t feel good right now, not a lack of training really because I train more than ever but I got some personal stuff going on that are messing with my head and I feel insecure and vulnerable. It does not show in my training according to Micke but in my attitude.

I talked to Micke about that yesterday, he told me what he thinks, what  is good and what I have to work on to make the weakness go away, a lot of things that I already know  but somehow when it does not feel right , well it does not. I did not let this negativity affect my training today. I have to say it helps to have great training partners, the atmosphere when we train is very special, just because we are all on the same page,  all of us take it seriously and have great respect for each other.

I had some times when I felt really bad about myself  but this time it makes me want to train more, just because I know that I reached some kind of acceptable level and it would be really stupid to let bad stuff that happen in life destroy that. Let´s face it JKD is most certainly the only thing I have accomplished in my life, I am not getting any younger so it looks like it is the path I am supposed to take.