if you ain´t gonna puke …

you will definetely feel it the next day … Yeah let me tell you I have pain from my neck down to my legs, not unsusual that is the beauty if it, always something that you´re going to remember for at least a few days.

Anyway I thought I would tell a little more about the training from yesterday. It was not my day, I did not do much right and had no energy, I guess it happens

First , free warming up, I kicked the bag.

We started with light sparring,

– using only the punches.

–  using only kicks

–  using it all .

All three again with another partner , no breaks.

Light sparring is a bit different, no protection means no hitting the head or the groin ( too bad 🙂 ) In my case I feel restrained and the technique looks awful, we open our hand when we see an opening for head strike , but there is no power in those either, yeah as I just said this is light sparring. I need to work on that.

I felt good on my feet but here again when I focus too much on something the rest does not look good. I learned over the years that after long hours training it will come together but training the right way and often is the only way and if thinking too much about one thing  is affecting other things, means I train wrong!  ” DON`T THINK!!!! FEEL…” 

We did some grappling, changing partners. I did not get down once,  this is good.  I took Niklas down tough but I think it was an accident…

Exercises on pads,  going forward on a aproximately 6-7 meters length and back :

– using jab

– same thing with cross

– then hook

– hook kicks and finally side kicks- no break

I completed it but struggled with the energy level at the end. My sidekicks felt like crap.

Then the boys carried each other on the back and made small jumps up 10 on each sides

I lifted a piece of wood as the lightest weight around was 62kgs and I could not lift him on my back.

PS:  Congratulations Remy who lifted some heavy weight (102kgs ) I was impressed , good work!

Then we did some statical training, I remember Will asking ,” what is this ? ”  I don´t want to brag too much but well let´s say not many could do it…( nothing to brag about anyway, my legs where not high enough!)

Then we finished with pushups and hands up for Will and Gina who finished this race brilliantly  AH 🙂