I started with jumping rope then  footwork and shadow boxing.

Then I decided to hit the bag , trying to get some flow.

I worked on the straight lead for a while, then cross hook and elbow, trying first to get the technique right and then add some movement around the bag with proper footwork and added bob and weave .

I tried to focus on the depth of the punches, retract fast but still go in with the punches.

Then I added the kicks , I was quite happy with all of them, on the right side, GOD that is so annoying not to perform the same way on the left side !  so I worked the kicks on the left side for a while.

I added some stretch and went on with high kicks on the punching ball, still the same problem and I am really annoyed !

That means only one thing, this need some more work !

I finished with a  serie of punches on the punching ball , with speed, moving around, blocking,  bob and weave .

Then I finished with stretching.