Ted´s Memorial day

We were all present today for the training session. I want to thank all my training partners for their dedication,  we had a very good time today.

We started with a short film that I came up with to honour our Sifu. This short film will come up on Facebook when it will be finalised with some music and other arrangements. Nicklas is the man for the job, we will post as soon as ready.

We also took pictures that will come up tonight on the Group page.

After this we all sparred, starting with light sparring. All 6 of us did rounds and changed partners until everyone had met everyone.

I started with Micke and finished with Coshe. I was trying to keep a good form and adapt to every opponent in a different way because no one is fighting the same way. Against Micke is always the hardest of course , but also the most enlightning, because I learn so much. But sparring with the guys is also very good because as I just said they all have their differencies, some hit harder than others, some are faster and some are “flashier”….( Coshe, I will esplain this is a minut ) the good thing is that anytime I sparr I learn something about myself, we learn from each other all the time .

So Coshe  started with some strange footwork, I kept on thinking ” in which movie has he seen this one now ?” then I asked, where does “that” come from anyway ? he said ” Muhammed Ali” ah yes of course, Coske ! Anyway I reached him with several straight leads and he could not take me down one single time AHH,  happy about this!  🙂  but the thing I noticed again today , I am too slow, I need to do something about that quickly because it bothers me a lot .

Then Micke thought we would go a little tougher and with the proper gear on,  do some harder sparring. First with one person doing non classical form and just punching hard while the other one should only respond with straight lead.

Then really hard sparring :  hit and finish the opponent!

That was tough and there will be some good videos on this one I guess.

I got hit in the side of the eye so I did not go with this last part.  Nicklas was injured in the rib, Coshe threw up, Michel injured his hand and Remy was scratched everywhere. Yeah well, even with the proper gear this happens and we take it, why ? because this is martial arts, this is Jeet kune Do, the art of fighting not the art of talking :-)……..

and because today we fought for our sifu, so he ´ll be proud of us, this is our way to honour him as we could not be part of the memorial.

I want to thank everyone in the group for participating today and again thanks to Micke for giving us that opportunity, for teaching us the real TWJKD,  that is all we need and we could not ask for a better trainer.