The left lead

AH , well this training session today did not start the way I expected.

Micke asked me to hit the bag to see how my technique looks like.

After a couple of minutes he says to change side, using the left lead, ah the famous left side , my famous worthless left side, no seriously !

First of all I was totally lost, no flow no power no form nothing ! talk about feeling like crap!  And Micke´s comment confirmed it: ” what the hell is this ???”

I use to train the left side but not in rounds on the bag, standing on the left lead and using all combinations feels unnatural and seems the body just wants to go back to the right lead. I found myself thinking, not knowing which hand to use and my God It felt like I was  back to 6 years ago,  OH NO I won´t let that happen !

Then I did the techniques in the air, kicks:  hook side and front, punches:  jab cross hook uppercut ,  and same thing on pads.

Then I tried to hit and kick Micke  going forward and backwards  still only using the left lead …

As a result I was told to train the left side only , for the whole coming week. 

I went back to the right side and hit the bag again,  I feel lighter and have a better flow.

Then I worked on hook kicks in the air .. that is where I got a comment which I did not realise or believe at first , Micke said:

 ” your kicks start to look like mine ”  WHAT ??? wow this is huge  and that makes my day !

I have another point to work on, during the past weeks I tried to work on my position and tried to have a better alignement and stand better, I tend to bend my upperbody forward, I need to stand more straight. When Micke told me it was a big mistake to look down I realised that is why I am not standing correctly, and if I look down I can´t see the kicks coming right at my head !

This is going to be the focus of this week, work the bag and all techniques on the left side and hit the bag looking up not down. I will draw a line on the bag to have a point to focus on when working on it.