work it!

I am just finished with my session tonight.

I started warming up with some jumps and steps ( some that I stole from Amy´s videos 🙂 )

then some footwork, right and left lead,  forward backwards and sides .

I started with a serie of jabs on the bag,  30 with right lead,  30with left.

Same thing with cross , and same with hook and finished with back fist.

Kicks : hooks , series with front right leg and then front left

same with sidekicks

– 30 pushups

– biceps work with weight

– Then I attached the” rubber band thing” to the door handle and worked on jab cross until it burned like hell

back to the bag with same exercises, jab and cross and hook right and left.

hook and side kicks, right and left.

I finished with taking off the gloves and worked on jab cross hook and kicks on the bag with less power to pay more attention to the technique and feel the movement.

I just have to say it is when you work on things that you realise how much you need it. It means as well that the learning process never ends,  anytime I get better at something I notice something else to work on and this is good,  I reached a level where I can feel and notice the details and know what is needed to get better. This is the beauty of JKD, dedication and self discipline will pay off. I really am proud of myself even if I think I am not training enough.