Eureka !!!

This is the point , get to that stage where you feel what you´re doing is right or wrong.

I always decompose my  training and then put it all together.

I started with some jumps and steps to warm up .

Heavy bag :  serie of straight leads , then I added cross and then hooks.

– combination of all three adding uppercut and backfist.

I go on with kicks, first hook at three levels of hight,  low regular and high, first one after the other, then all three together ( without droping the foot)  as usual this feels better on the right side, there must be some kind of misconstruction on my left side or I am not correctly assembled  🙂 ah no seriously this is lack of training , no secret, I need to spend more time on the left side that´s all, no excuses!

I did some footwork, back and forth ,sideways, bob and weave and added the straight lead and cross, yeah again, cross needs more work. This is where I had a revelation ( or did I ? ) the straight lead start to look and feel pretty good , hm is it because I focus like a crazy person on it ? the answer is yes of course,  the more you train the better you become, again this is no advance brainsurgery,  this is training. Ah I amuse myself sometimes, as if I just learned how it works !!! I just heard it at least a thousand times from Micke, but the role of a student is to start thinking by himself , you can hear something one million times if you don´t get it you are done.

so I spent more time on cross, took it again on the heavy bag , alone and in combinations…

I did some weight exercises and used the rubber thing ( still did not check what this thing is called ) , then I went back to footwork

then 50 pushups in a row ( ok the last 10 were not that deep  but same here , when I started I could barely do  10 and  the five last looked ridiculous, now I can say I do 40 real ones and 10 funny ones at the end, but I will get them to look good I can tell you that ! )

Go on with footwork again , adding the punches.

Situps on the balance ball,  I did 50 but it did not hurt enough…

Footwork again

Situps , I tried to find the most painful position and I did 30

and another round with footwork and 30 situps.

I finished with the wristroller, I am not bragging about this one, it is killing me every single time. I did three time and I was done.

some stretching and that´s it for tonight .