” The Return of The Revenge “

You guys will understand ( and feel ) what that means next time you come to the Sunday Training!

No training partners for two weeks in a row , It will only be me for another private session,  this is good, I need it.

Micke warned us earlier this week about the level that will be higher, he told us to be ready for harder training this sunday.

Not only would  this be harder physically but also on a mental level, 45 minutes with no break and a harder way of instructing, at some point I felt like “G. I. Gina”  in an Army kinda training camp 🙂 But here is an intresting thing to point out, the way the Student is responding to this kind of pressure.  I could feel I did not like it all that much but this was a test and I handled it, after all this is martial Art training, no kinder garden playground.

Have no limitation as limitation… 

Yesterday´s Focus was on Power, especially for the legs but also the arms. Will revert with details later..