Unity !

This Sunday was one of those trainings outside just as we like them. Apart from two people  who missed the session….. We were all there , and also very pleased to see Markus Stawbom from Nynäshamn join the group.

We started with drills on pads:

Straight lead, cross and hook.

Then the kicks, front and hook .

Then feeding.

Light sparring sessions,  with no gear first.

Then some of us added some protection as the light sparring became a bit harder.

We did rounds and changed partners.

Then our friend Michel came up with a brilliant idea to finish us all: let´s run up hill.

All of us went down first and already felt the pain in our legs…then we started running and …well it went  not so well:-) This hill is a killer!

Let´s face it we all need to improve our condition,  but all of us came up anyway so, no it wasn´t so bad !

After two hours , as we were finished,  our new student arrived , he had some trouble with the clock as we changed to winter time this weekend. We welcome Pierre ( Lee Cow Yin Yin)  anyway and look forward to next session (starting 12 on sundays 🙂 )

We also thank Markus for participating and we hope to have more people from Nynäshamn joining . We also decided we would travel down to them on a regular basis.

We also look forward to our new place, which will allow us more group sessions during the week.