WAKE UP !!!!!

OH My … yesterday I asked Mikael for an additional sparring session because I think I really need it.

When he arrived I had dressed in the Bruce Lee yellow suit and it was difficult for Mikael to start the session as he was laughing at me all the time. I is actually impossible to train with the suit on because it is far too warm, I had to change after 10 minutes.

That was the funny part. Now, yesterday was NOT my day, I took many straight leads right in the face and punches in the arm and I just had not any feeling for it at all. I felt worthless and heavy as two elefants,  at least !

Mikael told me I had to accept days like this and that it will be better,  I can´t just have lost all I learnt, this is a set back. Of course difficult to accept when the body just refuses to do as I say ! But I think it is also a mental problem and considering all that happened lately,  it is not that strange.  

But  I am not too worried because I have felt like this before and it came back. So I ´ll just keep on working ! and have a POSITIVE attitude.