I worked almost one hour on footwork and on guard position, trying to find my center, basically that is all I did yesterday. Let me tell you that sounds boring, but is is a lot of work, I felt it on both legs and this is really good news for me !

My weight has always been more on the rear leg and my body position is never really straight but a bit back,  I just don´t stand right , the rear foot is not well oriented. I have been trying for years and could never feel that center.
I remembered all that Mikael told me last session  and  I thought about it during the day.  When I started my session  I just found it, and again and again I tried to compare with how I used to stand.
I really feel the difference, well howcome I did not find that before ????  It is not the first time Mikael tells me about it but somehow I don´t know,  I just could not find it. 
Anyway, I worked on this for a while and  adding footwork to it,  Mikael said I also  bounce too much when I move so  I finally worked on all together: 
good on guard, footwork keeping the good body position and trying to stay straight and clean in the movement, before during and after !. 
This is not easy,I am not there yet,  I have to work on it until it comes naturally but I made a good progress today feeling it , FINALLY ! 
I have always dreamt about having that clean style like Mikael has, I just start to get more and more close to understanding some details that can help me along the way. 
JKD is a never ending learning process, that´s the beauty of it.