Pads and Mitts

Last sunday was a really hard training on pads and mitts just as I like them.

It was only Will and so the intensity was increased,  there was no time to rest !

I warmed up first and jumped rope for 3 minutes

Then we worked on mitts and also on thai pads.

. Straight lead

. Cross

Then with combinations:

. Straight lead, cross, hook

. Straight lead , cross, hook , hook last one with movement of the body to the right with blast to the ribs (light touch)

Then we worked on static hook ( to get the feeling of the punch and the hip rotation , no footwork) on both sides, facing the pads with a wider stance.

Then we added  kicks :

. Front kick  , straight lead,  cross,  hook

Only kicks:

. 3 quick hook kicks, then 4 –  working on both sides

Then we did some series of hook kicks first right,  then left.

Kicking while the pad holder is backing up, right and left , back and forth:

. Hook kick

. Spinning wheel kick

. Axe kick

We finished with stretching .

As we all noticed,  these sessions are really good and we asked Micke for more. We will incorporate those more often in our routines.