Private session

We did not have a group session yesterday; I had a private training with Mikael instead.

First he asked me to show him my footwork, then we worked on mitts.

Special attention was made to the hook, I could feel the difference as Mikael corrected my position, and we worked on it quite a while.

Then we used the focus paddle for more hooks and we added side and hook kicks.

We did some rounds with the large kicking pad

Punches with full power / knee kicks / hook kicks

Then rounds with only punches

And rounds with only hook kicks

All this on both sides

Then I fell down on the floor to catch my breath 🙂

The session was very intense, I am happy to have improved my hook and also happy for the session, it was hard work as I was the only one working all the time, there were no breaks whatsoever.

These sessions are so good for the stamina, body and mind. During a private session I get all the attention and it allows me to progress even faster as I get to work very hard until Mikael is happy with the result.

There is no question about the fact that my personal training during the week is so important, I could not get better with only training on Sundays this is impossible, the work that I do alone is the base for me to absorb that private training with Mikael even better, and then the group training is application.

We talked yesterday about improvement, how crutial the personal work is and that it is the reason why so many people drop off.

It honestly takes years of dedication and hard work and this is first after a couple of years that some techniques can be understood better.

It is part of the reason why I love JKD so much, first because I have a great instructor who makes me want to succeed, then because JKD is my life style,  I would not have it any other way.

So even if my back and my arm hurt like hell today,  I will train by myself tonight according to my schedule and I look forward to next private session with Mikael and next group session !