Stefan Nikander 5/10/2011 :-(

I met Stefan in 2004, he was already in battle against this tumor, I remember thinking he was really strong minded, someone who does not give up, ever.

In 2010 it was time for him to take another round against this thing.

I remember we went down to Nynäshamn a couple of times to train with him, each time I told Micke I was so amazed by the energy Stefan had, we could not stop him, he was so full of life.

That made me believe until the end that he would win this, no matter what.

The last time I met Stefan was in August this year, it was difficult but also inspiring because of the light of hope he was spreading, I remember him telling us:

“I am back”!

I thought if someone is determined enough to beat this thing, it is Stefan! I told him we knew he would make it and we were all waiting for him.

There is no way I was prepared for Micke´s phone call yesterday morning.

Micke  took care of informing us and some close friends in The US, Spain, Norway, Polen and Canada. After a while it came out officially on FB as well.

I am writing this now, out of respect for Stefan.

We are deeply hurt by his passing, first Ted then Stefan; it was certainly not their time to go, but I like to believe that Stefan has now met his hero up there and that together with Ted, the three of them are united and at peace, they certainly have a lot to talk about.

It is up to us to go on now. I can for sure say that all of us who have been training JKD in Sweden and in Scandinavia, will go on in memory of a great Man.

Stefan did not lose his battle! Stefan was called up there by Bruce and Ted because they felt it was time. This is anyway what I want to believe.

REST IN PEACE Stefan, you and your accomplishments will never be forgotten.

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  1. Well written!

    Stefan was one in a billion, a truly wonderful man who’ll be incredibly missed by anybody who had the luck to meet him.


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