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Mikael (as well known for it) has started a good topic on FB. It is interesting to see how people think and I thought it would be a good opportunity for a blog post today.

So the question was that sometimes it is too much footwork. What did he mean by that?

Footwork is to be used to any technique,  retreat and so on, no JKD without footwork, we all know that,  but I think you need to know how to punch or kick because footwork won´t help you do that. I think good technique will be made effective by footwork, but that was not the question.

Now how can there be too much footwork ? I think Micke talks about people dancing around, using energy in footwork that is not needed and not in place with any technique. I saw fights where the two guys are standing 3 meters from each other,  doing some good footwork but not hitting at all, what is that good for?  It is losing  energy for nothing if you ask me. In close fighting  you have to use the correct footwork to hit, using too much footwork in this case can cost you because some situations will not allow too many moves,  that is why you have to use the correct defense or attack wisely together with most appropiate footwork to get you out of there.

I was quite surprised by some comments like : footwork  beats anyone or any kicks or any punch … what ?  How does footwork beat anything?  Footwork together with a punch or a kick will beat something allright,  and those punches and kicks have to be good ones with power,  but alone what does it do either than avoiding, retreat or closing a gap ? still you have to be able to throw a good punch or kick.

I would not isolate one part of a martial art and say this is what will make you win. Ok some people have better footwork than others, so are they better fighters ?

Well then we get to the interesting stuff, I would say yes if they also have the rest but as I hear it,  some people think footwork is only what it takes , I disagree. Concentrating on footwork only will make you quick , light on your feet, hard to hit… yes, but how good do you hit and kick ? JKD is a fighting art,  so we are not talking about looking good on your feet and on pads,  we are talking about fighting, if we are just dancing around avoiding and retreating this is good footwork of course  because you won´t get hit, but this is not a fight, and is this JKD ? I don´t think so.

I train footwork everyday by itself, in shadow boxing and anytime I train punches and kicks or any technique. I train on speed,  power and technique and make it all be one. Sparring is where I can apply it all. This is where I get a picture on what I do right or wrong, what I need to work  more on. I am not the best fighter far from it,  but I don´t think any part of JKD should be isolated, any good fighter trains daily on few techniques together with footwork, this is my point of view and why do I think that way? because I get my ass kicked in sparring anytime something is missing 🙂

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