Believe in progress

I had a footwork session yesterday, I practised shadow boxing and did some exercises on the heavy bag also, I used power for a while ut not long as it was not the point of the session.

 I tried to flow around the bag focusing on using the proper footwork at all times.

Then I decided I would bring the video camera and tape my feet while practising footwork, just to see how that looks like. This is very good because after that,  I was able to study it. I also wanted to know what Micke would think about it and  I showed it to him later on.

He was not really exited when he saw I used split step a couple of times 🙂 but he said it looked better, more flow and more speed.

I tried to vary the exercise to cover almost everything and to see how that looked like. I was quite happy with it, I could actually feel that  my flow and speed are better, of course I need more work… but who doesn´t ?! 

Then I did some pushups situps and stretching , I attached a rope at the top of the bag and pulled my foot up , I was looking at it in the mirror and told myself : if only I could hold that position without the rope !!!!

But I believe that with practise it will happen, there is a quote that I like :

“If you think a thing is impossible, you’ll make it impossible.” Bruce Lee.

So let´s go back to work !