What a birthday!  talk about surprises… Mikael gave me a big box and he took the camera, I thought it was strange  but I was so curious I did not think more about that. When I started to unwrap it,  I first saw the colours black and yellow, I immediately thought about Bruce Lee but did not think it would be it. Then I saw “Enterbay” on the box and I thought well it cannot be the figure… Then I read the text carefully and it said “Game Of death Collectable figure”!  This  is when I did realize it was it !

I had dreamt about this for a long time but could not afford it. I was so surprised and chocked,  I was actually shaking when I openned it, until I came to hold the actual figure in my hands I still could not believe it.

Talk about finding the perfect gift , this is amazing I was so touched and still am. I love it so much, Mikael may have started a collecting behaviour…. 🙂

Seriously,  I am very touched by that gift and this day will forever stay in my heart….

The last couple of months are definetely so amazing I can´t believe it.