N´Guessan Bogui Wilfried

Will Joined us earlier this year, I see him as a talented and decicated person who takes JKD very seriously and is willing to learn everything he can. We are very pleased to have him in our team.

I asked him to write about himself and here is what he wrote.

Thank you Will for your participation in my blog.

I took interested in Jeet Kune Do by chance in a period where I was looking for an art to learn.

Stefan Nikander (R.I.P) is the man who really hooked me up on JKD, showed me what the art of Bruce Lee was truly about and directed me towards the JKD Stockholm Training Group. Even though I never got a chance to train with him, I consider him my first teacher and inspiration.
I began training Jeet Kune Do in January 2011 and it’s the only art I ever practiced. Training and researching training methods is everything I do whenever I am not working. I believe that a good deal of obsession is the minimal requisite to become good at anything.