Don´t get down !

It was only Will and I this sunday, we worked rounds on the heavy bag and then sparred with each other but with no contact, we had to control the distance and the movements and be very active with the footwork, we also used the hanging bags as obstacles to take into account.

Last week  after the wrestling sessions I injured my arm again, I must have squizzed it real bad when Mikael threw me all over the place :-),  I will not be able to wrestle for a while so I let Will take it all !

It was a really heavy lesson he got there. Mikael showed and explain how to and especially gave him the reasons why you should not go down. When you are down the only thing you should try to do is to get up again. Some guys only want the floor fighting and are so good at it you don´t want to end up there, JKD is about fighting on your feet , not on your back .

The techniques were  repeated in  lots of different situations to prove the point, this session even for me who was just looking, was very rich and interesting.