January 1st, 2011

First training of the year outside in the snow:-)

that was fun , and so cold…

we decided to start the year with some tough stuff and showing off our nice Colorado Tshirts, gifts from Mike Gittelson.

We actually did not train that long considering the temperature outside but we did some mitts training with combinations and some hardening on the wooden structure of the cabin.

Then we runned the stairs, this was not planned at first because we simply could not find them ! but Micke started and as I never want to be left aside so I did it too. We both fell a couple of times but  this was actually a good exercise for endurance and resistance to the cold as well as adaptation to the slippery ground.

We tried some kicks as well some of us succeeded,  some of us ( me ! ) did not .

I was saying to Micke just now how annoyed I am with him being able to kick that high and never ever stretches at all !!!!

Again, I feel I have a huge work in front of me and the goals for this year are not different than last year, the way on the other side will be different and the plan is already set , I have a clear picture on what I need to work on .

We will travel to Colorado this year and we hope Mike and Dan will come here to Sweden after that. This means a lot of preparation for both events on top of the usual training towards my goals.