Private Lessons

Our friend Remy is gone travelling in the USA, our friend Michel  is … well  I don´t know … the Sunday group training is reduced to me.

We really miss our guys but at least Remy will be back in a month or so, during this time, I will get only private and intense sessions,  which is good.

Yesterday we worked hard on the punches and Kicks

. Punches on focus mitts

– Straight lead, I cant remember any comment on this one, must have been good 🙂

if anything I lack power ,that I am sure of…

– Hook, the movement is not deep enough I am retracting the arm too soon..

. Kicks

– hook kick,

– side kick,

 – front kick,

. Moving on to the kicking pad

– side kick

– hook kick

– spinning back kick

We are testing the time of reaction when Micke says which kick or punch I should do.

Working with the brain… and adapt to the distance and situation when hearing the words..

Same drill with the heavy bag, Micke moves it back and forth and says “Kick”  whenever he wants, this means the bag kan be anywhere at that time, the speed in the reaction and the distance adaptation are crutial.

. Kick combinations on heavy bag:

– Hook kick : low , regular and high  1-2-3 fast

changing the position immediately to the left side, same drill- 10 times

I need more speed !!!!

. Punch combinations :

Uppercut , hook, and high straight lead- 10 times fast both sides

. last exercise :

Combination Hook – Cross on focus mitts

Punch until you drop !

Speed Power and Stability , let´s start with that, then add calculation of the distance, FOOTWORK!!!!! isn´t that the essence of JKD ?