How hard are you ready to work ?

The question of the day: How far are you prepared to go to meet your goals ?

Well I already answered that question, I need a kick in the A.. to get up to next level, and I am giving it to myself .

I already train every day but I have changed program to focus on the basics which are not good enough for me to evolve properly.

Yesterdays training:


Shadow boxing

Skiping rope-  6minutes

Squats-  1set of 30 on each side x4

Situps- 2 sets 50 each

Wristroller 3 times down and 3 times upp , this burns ! I could actually see the forearms growing,  great !!!

Stretching ..

It feels good, I push myself harder because otherwise I will stay where I am.

Having no limitation as limitation.. I always keep that in mind Bruce.