Words from Mikael

Growing up with sports like football, ice hockey, track and field, I felt like it was not for me, I needed something else. Growing up in a messy neighbourhood I finally found the martial art Judo, I was home! Man I loved it, the hard training, the battle, the spirit, this was it! I was just a young kid, but this experience changed the way I looked at sports. Years passed and I left Judo. In the following years I practiced boxing, pole jumping and strength training. My next experience with martial arts was Kung Fu in the form of Shaolin Kung Fu. This became a passion for many years, I really put my soul into it, trained as often I could in the club, and all the time at home. In the end of my Kung Fu training I felt that I wanted some more realistic training, more for self defense. I went to a Wing Chun and a Wing Tsun school and tested it for some time, nothing for me, just too stiff and unnatural for me.  

Bruce Lee has always been an inspiration in my life, not only the martial artist but also the man Bruce Lee. I started to look into Jeet Kune Do more closely, and found out that this was what I had been looking for, simple, direct and natural. The JKD form was like second nature for me, I had always fought and sparred with my right (strong) side just like in JKD. JKD is all I need in my martial art.

Turning 40 soon and still going strong in JKD, one of the reasons for this is a great man, a great inspiration, and this man is Ted Wong. Ted Wong is Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee left us a long time ago, and the art of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do lives through Ted Wong, and of course all of us that keep the legacy alive. I like to say that I practice Jeet Kune Do in the heritage of Bruce Lee and Ted Wong.

Thank you Micke for your participation in my blog.