I was a baby when Bruce Lee passed away but in my early years I started to hear about him, my whole family was talking about him, his films where on TV very often and still are,  Bruce has been a legend in France in more than 40 years and still is.

when I was young I was not into sports at all unfortunately, but one of my cousins was and he had the dream of doing just what Bruce did in his movies. I myself had a whole wall of my bedroom covered with Bruce pictures posters and newspaper articles.

At the time it did not matter if I was into sports or not,  I grew up with some kind of Bruce presence until I went deeper and started JKD in Sweden, after this the journey went even further and I met Bruce Lee´s closest friends and family in San francisco in 2010.

so 40 years have passed , but the  impact is unbelievable and  is still going on in the whole world.  On a more personal level this number of years comes with other consequences and  I can easily be very sad about that  but I raise from it when I think about what I have been able to accomplish and no matter what some people may think,  I believe that my passion for Bruce Lee is what brought me here today.

My deepest respects to Bruce Lee since  the 70´s until  today and still going on…