New Generation…

My godson Louis visited me for a week, he had asked to try train with me so I did a quick  session at the beginning of the week; I went through the basic footwork and 3 punches, I did not go deep into the techniques for him to get a simple first basic overview.

I found him very interested and dedicated right at the beginning, 12 years old and no JKD knowledge whatsoever, he did better than some of the beginners I have seen during the years. I was very proud of him and the JKD question came back several times during his stay. He participated to a session with the group, he worked on drills with both Mikael and I and after we were done he asked when he could do that again 😆

When I asked him what was the best thing he had done during the week , his first answer was JKD.

I also showed him some of  Bruce, Mikael, Ted and Stefan´s videos on you tube, with his eyes wide open he asked me several times: “is that for real ?” 🙂

As a birthday present Mikael gave him his first mitts and gloves and I showed him what he needed to work on at home.  As he lives in France he is a long distance student but I am sure he will do well, we´ll see the progress when we are in France next time!